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SCE signs an agreement with Bin Laden Group - the Two Holy Mosques Sector to recruit and qualify (1500) Saudi engineers and technicians

SCE signs an agreement with Bin Laden Group - the Two Holy Mosques Sector to recruit and qualify (1500) Saudi engineers and technicians
. 12 March, 2018

SCE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Bin Ladin Group to recruit and qualify Saudi engineers and technicians, who were recently graduated, in Makkah projects in the fields of construction, maintenance and operation through a program to attract and qualify national staff within the framework of the localization of jobs plan in the Group, which aims to develop the efficiency and effectiveness of the engineer and technician according to the requirements of the labor market, to benefit from the national staff in support of the development process of the country.

This agreement comes within the framework of SCE and the Two holy mosques sector of the Group keenness  to keep up with the Saudi Vision 2030, which sets priorities to support and qualify young Saudis to achieve the objectives of the national transformation program by creating better job opportunities and increasing their technical competence in line with the initiatives of SCE in establishing partnerships with the public and private sectors.

The agreement includes direct recruitment of newly graduated (700) engineers and (800) technicians in three stages during the expansion project, and provide appropriate qualifying programs in the first six months of their employment to acquire skills and expertise needed to be integrated into the working environment quickly and to make maximum use of them.

The program includes theoretical training of employees on-the-job at Al-Haramain Training Center in Makkah, followed by training in the laboratories of the Group at the sites and then move to the practical field in the expansion projects of the Holy Mosque and the associated elements under the supervision of a specialized group of engineers and technicians, who will supervise them during the qualification period.

One of the most important conditions for admission to the program is that the applicant must be a Saudi national. His membership with SCE must be valid. He must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or technical diploma. He must be fully dedicated and not holding a job and must pass personal interviews. Nomination and acceptance shall be according to several criteria, the most important of which is passing the FE test for engineers and must know English language with suitable grade.

SCE has started registering for the program, with the duration of the qualification programs for engineers ranging from five to six months for engineers in different disciplines. Technicians have three to six months of qualifying.