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The Engineering PODCAST Program discusses the Saudi Building Code

The Engineering PODCAST Program discusses the Saudi Building Code
. 06 July, 2021

The "Engineering Podcast" program discussed one of the media activities presented by the Saudi Council of Engineers through the first episodes of the program, which was broadcasted today on the council's platforms, entitled "Beyond the Saudi Building Code".

The episode hosted the Secretary-General of the National Committee for the Saudi Building Code, Engineer Saad Shuail, in which he spoke about the stages of implementing the building code that ends at the end of the year 1444 AH, stressing that the Kingdom did not start from scratch in implementing the code, but there were government buildings such as hospitals and high buildings where the codes were applied.

Engineer Shuail said: "The erroneous practices in the buildings carried out by contractors, in which citizens participated in the application of unprofessional methods, resulted in the term (cardboard villas)," indicating that the current stage of applying the code is the third stage and includes residential buildings.

He indicated that the building code aims to preserve lives and property, and the safety and stability of buildings from dangers, and promotes the rationalization of energy and water consumption and the regulation of professional practice among workers in the construction sector. It is useful that the Saudi Building Code works to raise the quality of residential buildings for the citizen and helps in rationalizing the economics of the family.

It is noteworthy that the "Engineering Podcast" program includes a series of episodes that will be shown soon, with the aim of enriching knowledge in the engineering aspect. To provide specialized and interested viewers with knowledge and engineering topics, analysis and discussion of their dimensions. ​