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Council of Engineers Joins its Members in Visiting Riyadh Park Project

Council of Engineers Joins its Members in Visiting Riyadh Park Project
. 23 July, 2017

The Saudi Council of Engineers have organized a field visit to Riyadh Park Mall that is being constructed at northern Riyadh on an area of 132 thousand square meters.
The participants in the visit included a number of the Saudi Council of Engineers members. This visit comes within the framework of the Council's initiative to develop its members on the practical side through conducting field visits to major projects with the objective of achieving direct contact and following-up the stages of work.
Eng. Abdul Nasser Al-Abdalatif, spokesman of the Saudi Council of Engineers stated that field visits are of great importance for those working in engineering sectors depend basically on the fieldwork in  buildings construction, especially in large projects and Riyadh Park is one of them; that offers diverse experience in different engineering fields. He added, "the Council has made development of Saudi engineers a priority thorough the rich field visits in addition to the courses that are offered from time to time to promote their abilities and broaden their experience". It is noted that the visit also included the review of all basic infrastructures of the Riyadh Park project.  All these have been explained by Eng. Ibrahim Al-Kharji, supervisor of Riyadh Park project execution, which have witnessed interactions of the engineers.