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SCE and the Ministry of Housing discuss involvement of SCE in designing and supervision of projects of the Ministry.

SCE and the Ministry of Housing discuss involvement of SCE in designing and supervision of projects of the Ministry.
. 05 August, 2015


Engineers and the Ministry of Housing and in light of the unique initiative of His Excellency the Minister of Housing, Mr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Huqail regarding the housing sector, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Council of Engineers Dr. Jamil Bin Jarallah Al-Bagawi has met a number of members of the Board of Directors at his office in Riyadh, to discuss and address a number of important issues related to the housing sector, which would contribute to achieving the Council’s strategic goals supported by the Ministry. 
The meeting has examined the extent to which the Council through the efforts exerted by the Ministry could contribute to the follow-up and the supervision of the projects carried out by the Ministry, taking advantage of national expertise and engineering competencies that the Council has. In addition, the meeting discussed many issues and ideas regarding the engineering sector in the Kingdom which would contribute to achieving its goals of enabling citizens in all regions from obtaining the adequate housing consistent with the high quality and premium options. 
The Council has expressed its full readiness for joint cooperation with the Ministry by offering many ideas and opinions and rehabilitating many national engineering competencies that support the efforts of the Ministry and contribute to achieving its strategic goals and aspirations through the follow-up and supervision of all housing projects in all regions of the Kingdom, in addition to providing ideas, models and various and different standard designs, which are commensurate with the conditions and needs of the citizens who benefit from the housing projects.
Dr. Jamil Al-Bagawi indicated that the meeting also discussed upgrading the engineering work quality through the development of accurate and strict engineering regulations and standards, pointing out at the same time that the Saudi Council of Engineers showed the importance of applying the Saudi Building Code to all engineering projects through the development of clear mechanisms and controls to be applied. Such Code would contribute to adjust all the specifications and technical standards of projects and determine the related administrative and technical requirements which raise its quality and technical efficiency. 
In the conclusion of the meeting attended by a number of the members of the Board, namely: Eng. Mishal bin Ibrahim Al Zughaibi, Eng. Atallah bin Ashwai Alshammari, Dr. Mahdi Ali Alsuliman, and the Secretary General of the Council, Dr. Hussain Al-Fadhli, Dr. Jamil Al Bagawi extended thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Minister of Housing Mr. Majid Al Hugail on this unique initiative which would have a positive reflection on the housing sector in the Kingdom.