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Al Fadhli as a Secretary General of the SCE

Al Fadhli as a Secretary General of the SCE
. 14 July, 2015

Dr. Hussein Yahya al-Fadhli has undertaken his duties as a Secretary General of the Saudi Council of Engineers following his latest appointment by the Board of Directors of the Council. Dr. Hussein is a holder of bachelor and master degrees from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and a PhD from the Dublin City University in Ireland.

The new secretary-general has worked as a lecturer in the Department of Training and Development at Saudi Aramco; contributed to the establishment of more than a Saudi engineering council in the same company; founded more than a scientific technical conference; made numerous scientific courses in his field of specialization. He took over the presidency of eight global conferences. He is a permanent member of the International Scientific Committee of Materials and Metals in Europe.

Before his appointment as Secretary General of the Saudi Council of Engineers, he worked in several jobs, including in the Saudi Aramco as an engineer, specialist and consultant in several technical areas. He also worked in various administrative fields, most important of which was quality leadership in the northern region projects at Ras Tanura and Jazan project. Dr. al-Fadhli also introduced more than 31 scientific papers published in scientific journals and global conferences. He also participated and made several patents and modern techniques that have been applied in Saudi Aramco.

It is worth mentioning that the selection of Dr. al-Fadhli passed through several stages after the formation of a committee to choose the post of secretary-general, where it was announced in several newspapers and in the site of the Council for the opening of the nomination for the post of secretary-general, where the application for this job have been received from more than 200 candidates. After sorting, the Committee held personal interviews with the candidates, through preparing questions in a professional manner (using the "competency based interview" method). Based on the interviews and standards, competent candidates were chosen for the position of the secretary general. The Committee has reviewed all the results, whereupon al-Fadhli was nominated as the secretary general. After presenting him to the Board of Directors, Dr. Hussein al-Fadhli was approved to be the secretary general of the Council.