Procedures to join as a Trainer with the Saudi Council of Engineers: 

Submit an application to register as a trainer through the electronic services on the engineer accreditation page 
Attach the required documents to complete the registration
Adding training courses that the trainer can provide
Submit the application to the Training Department

Required Documents:

Curriculum Vitae  
Academic Certificate
Training Membership (Optional)
TOT certification (optional)
Practical experience

Trainer acceptance criteria 60 Points
*RequirementMaximum PointsNotes
1Qualification20 Points(Bachelor = 12) (Master = 4) (Ph.D. = 4)
2Obtained Courses5 PointsTwo points for each training course
3TOT5 Pointsone course only
4Practical experience20 PointsFrom the graduation year
5Training accreditation 10 PointsOnly one international accreditation for the academic subject
Classification of trainers in the Saudi Council of Engineers
AFrom 85-100 Points
BFrom 75-85 Points
CFrom 40-69 Points